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Tanya Arora

Research Coordinator

Tanya is a sophomore student at Delhi Technological University, currently pursuing her bachelors in environmental engineering. An environmentalist at heart and in practice. Penning down thoughts, ideas and learnings in this time and age might be considered old school, but according to her, spreading awareness and disseminating information are our top priorities in fighting against climate change.
She places utmost importance on ideals she shares with Svadhyaya, such as empathy and self-advocacy. These ideals, she conjectures, play a pivotal role in helping one become more robust, independent and understanding of others problems.
She believes that change comes from within and earnestly attempts to implement sustainable lifestyle practices, inspiring and motivating those around her. She’s currently indulging in practicing a vegan lifestyle and satisfying her sweet tooth at the same time. The next milestone that she hopes to achieve is to practice a zero-waste lifestyle.

Pradumn is a Digital Marketing enthusiast with a strong desire to make a difference. Pradumn’s idea of using social media as a major change initiating tool began to bear fruit and Svadhyaya was able to boost its online visibility thanks to his and his team’s deft handling of digital media.


Pradumn Awasthi

Social Media Coordinator


Sarvani Reddy

Dept Coordinator - Project Planet Heroes

“The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in peaceful coexistence with it.”
– Barry Commoner

Sarvani is a vegan environmentalist pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering. She wishes to play a significant role in inspiring people to have an ecocentric approach rather than an anthropocentric approach in their daily activities. She is highly passionate about environmental conservation and strives to do her best in leading an eco-friendly lifestyle as well as educating those around her.

Her favourite de-stressing activity is trying out vegan recipes and posting them on Instagram and in her free time (if she gets any!), she loves binge-watching shows and movies. She enjoys singing and is a HUGE marvel fanatic!

An undergraduate Statistics student at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi, passionate about doing my bit for the society in whatever possible way I can, also been an active member of NSS in college. I have been associated with Svadhyaya since April 2020. My idea of bringing change resonates with that of Svadhyaya’s i.e., “Change begins from within” and hence I’m here. 

Currently, I am handling Volunteer Management and Development at Svadhyaya. Using my statistical knowledge to analyze the growth of our organisation is an enriching and fun thing to do.


Tanya Pal

Volunteer manager


Sahithi Bommareddy

Dept Coordinator - Svadhyaya Junior

Sahithi is a Computer Science major at Delhi Technological University. She is an active participant in other organisations like GirlUp and IOSD as well. She love to travel and seek adventure. Her hobbies include reading books and playing sports. She dreams to travel around the world. Sahithi believes in finding happiness by seeking it for others. She is passionate towards working for human rights. Through Svadhyaya Junior, we plan to change the world by aspiring the young and bright minds.
“There’s power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice. And there’s grace in being willing to know and hear others.”

An extrovert at heart, Dhruv believes in the power of communication. He considers Svadhyaya as one of the supreme factors that has contributed to his current personality. With a great sense of understanding people and their behaviour, he is a purely fun loving person. Abiding to his virtue of carefully noticing everything around, he is definitely a keen observer. A friendly freak with an influential approach, he is one of those who makes friends with just one conversation.


Dhruv Pratap Singh

PR & Logistics


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