About Us

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Svadhyaya । स्वाध्याय is a youth-led and change oriented coalition of young leaders working on the intersections of climate change & human rights.  With our projects, we aim to promote environmental conservation, rights promotion, inclusive education & justice for all.

At Svadhyaya, we work towards creating a resilient global network of young people working at grassroots levels so that our fight against issues like climate change do not remain isolated and become a part of a larger global movement.

Today, we take pride in hosting young leaders from more than 13 countries worldwide, providing them a safe, inclusive & non-judgemental atmosphere, where they can collectively ideate and implement strategies to combat global issues, starting from the grassroots levels.

In the last two years, we are proud to have formed meaningful partnerships with more than 15 NGOs and celebrated organisations working at national and international level, to create shared opportunities for growth of our people & planet.

Our leadership strongly believes in building a remarkable volunteering culture which infuses extraordinary enthusiasm, performace and engagement and we think it is attainable through the “Svadhayaya Way”. Svadhyaya Way is a set of values and guidelines with which we wish to promote inclusive growth of each member connected with our organsation.

With many ongoing projects, we help people to inculcate healthy changes in the way they live. We do that by making them more informed and helping them to make positive behavioural shifts. Read more about the core projects here.

Join our growing community and be a part of our journey towards change. Because the change starts from you!

Meet the of Svadhyaya Youth Organisation

Dev Nagar

Co-Founder & lead

Dev is an aspiring law student, who’s completed his under-graduation with a first class honours in political science, from University of Delhi. He is passionate about climate change mitigation, rights promotion, leadership development, inclusive capacity building & law.

Dev is currently associated with esteemed organisations working at global & grassroots level to help build resilient community base to promote environmental conservation & justice for all.

For Dev, Empathy & Courage are his core strengths with which he endeavours to educate others to be more responsible & helps them transform for good.

Supriya Koirala

Co-Founder & Public Relations Coordinator

Supriya Koirala is one of the core team members of Svadhyaya. She is a firm believer of the saying that Change begins from within and each one of us have the potential to be a change maker.  She says that Svadhyaya has a major role in making of the person and the leader that she is today. Svadhyaya for her is a platform to turn her visions into reality. She aspires to become the Prime Minister of her country someday and bring positive change in our society. She firmly believes that Svadhyaya has been a medium through which  she can see herself getting closer to the dream of bringing positive change in the society. The impact which she creates on other’s life through their collective efforts at Svadhyaya is what keeps her motivated to do her share and bring her vision into action. At Svadhyaya, they believe that actions ought to be taken today for a better tomorrow in order to make our planet a better place to live in.
Something more about her would be that she is pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology from Delhi Technological University, New Delhi. She is a vegetarian and is always full of energy. She loves to eat, dance, cook and has the zeal to explore new things and is interested in almost everything.

Akshat Goyal


Lead – Sustainable Earth Summit, Event coordinator

Akshat is an undergrad student pursuing a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from Netaji Subhas University of Technology (NSUT), New Delhi. His core competencies lie in inclusive growth, decision making, and problem-solving to name a few.

The boy with big ambitions and a curious mind, Akshat always had an itch to contribute towards the causes/issues affecting society and the world in general. And that’s when he along with his high school mates decided to set up an organization that promotes inclusivity and where people can work or more specifically act towards the causes they care about. 

As he summarises all of it with his favourite quote: “The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Farhan Ali Rizvi

Co-Founder & Incharge Logistics

A good listener with a smiling face at the appearance, concerns about social and environmental issues with empathy and inclusiveness at the core. Svadhyaya is a dream which we collectively have and are trying to make a reality. An inclusive, non-judgmental and supportive environment is like a wish for every individual, to explore their interests, capabilities and most importantly a way to give back to society.

Harshdeep Sudan

Co-Founder & Human Resource

Harsh is a final year student studying at Simon Fraser University, Canada, majoring in BA Health Sciences. He has over three years of volunteering and working experience in the hospital, Non-profits and health care industry. Harsh is passionate about promoting child rights, inclusive education and a safe family environment.

For Harsh, Svadhyaya is a bridge that connects your inner self to this wholesome world, fostering an inclusive environment with zero fear, hate, and judgements.

Harsh firmly believes that kindness and empathy are those powerful tools that make a human – The Human”

Sonu Tyro

Co-Founder & lead Project Vriksharopan

Sonu is an Economics Student at Magadh University, Gaya.
He loves to explore new fields and learn from them. He believes that change begins from self therefore he keeps trying to work on himself. He says that he has learnt a lot of things from Svadhyaya, the things which were barely discussed in school which holds utmost importance in ones life.